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Vital Food Detoxing System

Healing waters and healthy food go hand in hand. With the current state of the food supply being contaminated with chemical toxins, aflatoxins, bacteria, etc., we decided to come out with our Vital Food System. This tech cleans your foods from chemical toxins (including chemicals from chem-trails), aflatoxins (the produce, fruits and nuts are loaded with it, organic as well), bacteria, viruses, salmonella, and E-coli. In addition, there is a setting to clean any mRNA infection and a setting to clean cancer from the foods. And, not only is the food clean and healthy, it also taste fresh and alive. Tuna fish salad sandwiches taste great again (no mercury chemical). Cleaning the food is quick and easy. When you return from the grocery store, put your groceries, bags and all, on the mat. Wait 5 minutes and your food is clean and ready to put away. The mat measures 36" by 18".

The Vital Food mat can additionally provide an integral part of anyone's Health Maintenance Program. The setting used for cancer also is used to boost the immune system. When you are within 10 feet of this mat, you are getting your immune system strengthened, as well as getting rid of any bacterial infection you may have picked up.


Vital-Eze LLC Has Discovered The Natural Healing Power Built Into Your DNA, And How To Access And Unleash Your Natural Healing Power To Restore Your Health.


This Is The New Medicine Of The 23rd Century. Most Surgeries Are Obsolete. Pharmaceuticals Are Unnecessary. Your Natural DNA Frequency Is What Heals The Body.


Your DNA Can Heal The Body Extremely Quickly, If Only It Is Allowed To. Current Medical Practices Don't Allow Your DNA To Heal The Body. Our Technology Has Successfully Empowered Many Peoples' DNA To Completely Remedy Some Health Conditions Within 15 Minutes. Most Health Conditions Can Realize Remediation Within 24 Hours. These Conditions Include Those Which Are Also Not Known To Have A Path To Remediation With Current Medical Procedures. The Results Achieved With Our Technology Are Long Lasting To Permanent. That's How Powerful Your DNA Is.

We, The Founders, Have Each Not Experienced A Cold, Flu Nor Pneumonia In Over 15 Years.


"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clark


We, The Founders Of This Meeting Of A New Corridor Of Quantum Electro-Dynamic Science (Time Reversal) And The DNA's Best Communication Medium (Frequency), Sent Our Application For Patent To The U.S. Patent Office (In-So-Doing Also Confirmed It's Uniqueness). We received a U.S. Patent On Our Technology.

We Have Been Asked, With Urgency From Certain Clients, How We Could Possibly Make Our Technology More Accessible For Masses Of People In Case Medical Supply Chains Went Down Or If There Was A Large Health Crisis Event. After Years Of Testing And Research, We Discovered An Affordable, Effective Method So A Person Can Get Remediation From Their Health Condition, Without Training, In The Comfort Of Their Own Home, With Our "Miracle Waters" or now, our Quantum Remote/Distant Healing technology.

First, some info about our Miracle Waters and further down this page, info about our Remote/Distant Healing service.

Miracle Waters

With Our Miracle Waters, We Have Remedied Everything Which A Person Has An Accurate Diagnosis For. This Includes Heart Disease, Prostate Problems, Thyroid Problems, The Common Cold, PTSD, Post Broken Wrist Surgery Mobility And Strength Problems, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Digestive/Colon Problems, Pancreas Problems, Liver Problems, Pneumonia, Heart Disease, Autism And Many More Serious Health Conditions.


Miracle Waters Testimonials: 

"This water is truly magic!! I had a cold, sore throat, and pink eye. After I took one dose of the Magic Water it was all gone in one day! I woke up back to my normal health and I feel great! I am very satisfied with my purchase and have already bought more Magic Waters for other needs." 



"I feel energized in a Zen kind of way."

(-Mary, -Blair, -Marianne, -Sue, -Elisa and many others)


Video Proof Of Effectiveness

Below are some short (5 min.) before/after videos showing how effective our technology is in unleashing the natural healing power of your DNA and how fast the DNA can heal the body.

Be prepared to witness what has been termed "Too Good To Be True" Or "Miracles".



Here is Stanley. He suffered from Alzheimer's, Balance Disorders and Hearing loss. After he regained his memory, we asked him what Alzheimer's was like. He said he felt like his brain was encased in cement.





Here is Stanley's daughter-in-law, Heather. She suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was in constant pain, even though she was taking pain medication which cost over $1,000 a month. Afterwards, her pain was gone and she could even feel the bottom of her feet again, which helped her with using stairs.




Here is David. He has had two quadruple bypass surgeries and had no energy. After our treatment he had so much energy for a change that he went walking for 2 hrs in the mall and then went swimming instead of his customary nap.






Here is Svetko. He also had hearing loss and balance disorders. Like Stanley, his balance and hearing problems were restored. His Parkinson Disease was completely corrected.



Parkinson Disease

Here is Michael. See what happens to his Parkinson Disease tremors in short order.




Here is Robert. He had PTSD, osteoarthritis with his shoulder and heart disease conditions . He also has a pacemaker. That's how safe this technology is. He was very satisfied with his results and his freedom of movement with his shoulder. And, he was very happy because all of his conditions were remedied.






Here is Natasha. She's suffered from severe vertigo attacks for 12 years. When she came for a treatment, she had a migraine headache, was nauseous, had trouble focusing and still experiencing vertigo symptoms. After her treatment, her migraine and vertigo were completely gone.





The above was accomplished noninvasively, with only positive side effects (Stanley received a positive side effect as his hearing loss, dizziness and balance/standing/walking insecurities corrected, while treating his Alzheimer's), with no pharmaceuticals, surgery or supplements - only our proprietary Quantum DNA frequency signal.


Over the last 22 years, our technology and specialty waters have been used to remedy many other conditions besides the ones in the videos. In addition to heart diseases, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis (bone-on-bone) and PTSD, most of our requests are for waters for high blood pressure, scoliosis, diabetes, colon/digestive problems, back and joint pain, low energy, hot flashes and prostate conditions.

Our device tech and waters tech have been 100% successful in relieving every health condition our tech was used on.

"That's sounds too good to be true." We hear that a lot. We understand. Our tech is too fantastic to get your head around. The body can't heal that fast, right? Wrong. All new technology goes through this "disbelief period". The Wright brothers heard the same thing, I'm sure. Man can't fly. That's too good to be true. True is something which is known. If something isn't known, it's not True until proven, right? We offer the videos above so you can know the Truth of Your DNA.

It's not our technology that's "too good to be true" but your DNA's real healing power that produces those "too good to be true" results. Our technology only helps your DNA by making it possible for your DNA to use its real healing power. People ask for an alternative way towards health. They, obviously, are not getting health relief from the medical system. They want something that actually relieves their health problem, is safe, effective and long lasting. We provide a technology which is proven, over the last 22 years, to be 100% safe, extremely effective and very long lasting, with no negative side effects (like surgeries and pharmaceuticals). According to two representatives from the United Nations, who visited us, "There is no other technology on the planet which is this advanced, effective and kind. We know because we've checked them all out.".

Vital-Eze has discovered how to unleash the natural healing power of our DNA and allow our DNA to repair our body and recover from diseases, illnesses and injuries seemingly "magically" fast.

We expanded our original hard wired device technology and invented a way to unleash your DNA Power with specially prepared waters infused with our proprietary DNA frequency signal. It's like being able to program water. Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that water could be changed with energy and it had a memory. We use that discovery to provide water infused with our proprietary signal and realize the same benefits as our hard wired device technology. If you can name any health condition, our tech has most likely been used to relieve it. We have successfully treated every major health problem and a lot of minor health issues too.


The premise for our technology is basically very simple, logical and based in scientific fact. The three basic facts we took into account were the DNA being frequency based, a well known frequency cancellation method (used in early AM radio days) and a simple basic quantum physics principle.

First, let's take the mystery out of this DNA Healing Power and look at how the DNA really works.

The DNA is the basic building block of the body. It is constantly replicating (creating new cells) and repairing the cells of the body per its Instruction Set.  The DNA is scientifically proven to be frequency based (See Science page).  That means that every cell in the body (having DNA) is also frequency based, making the whole body a symphony of frequencies.  Good so far?  Now, when the body get sick, the DNA frequency gets distorted, "out of tune" so to speak.  This means, that now the DNA is replicating and repairing the cells of the body with a distorted frequency set, not the true "Instruction Set" but an altered Instruction Set.

The next scientific fact we took into consideration was a well known and practiced method used in early AM radio days called Frequency Cancellation.  In the early days of AM radio, in the generating of the AM signal, there were unwanted frequencies that resulted.  They came up with a couple of ways to electronically cancel the unwanted frequencies. See where we're going with this? 

And, the third scientific fact we took into consideration is a basic principle in Quantum Mechanics.  In Quantum Mechanics,  all matter is comprised of packets of energy (quanta) with a resonant frequency.   So, if you cancel the resonant frequency of something, the packets of energy (that comprise the matter of the pathogen) dissipate back into the ether, from whence they came, seemingly, "magically".


"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clark


If you have any questions, please contact us by email, or by phone 520 789-5112


22 years ago, we opened the door to a new science, the science of Quantum Time Reversal. One of the technologies we invented and developed based in this new science is our Time Reversal Technology. We used our TR tech to create our "DNA Healing Technology" to provide people an alternative, very effective, kind and fast means of relieving health conditions and return them to their healthy active life.


The Underlying Nature of Our DNA.

When the body gets sick, the DNA gets "sick" or out of tuning. You can think of it like a radio. When your radio is not tuned into the station (its broadcast frequency, like 96.1 Megahertz), you hear a lot of static and noise, maybe a bit of music. That's distortion. When you tune in the station (by tuning in the its frequency), the sound is clear, undistorted. When you "tune in" the DNA and cancel out the distortion frequency (the frequency of the illness, disease or injury) the DNA sings health through the whole body. In 1989, a team of Russian scientists discovered that our DNA is frequency based (See our Science page - Science tab at top of page). They discovered our DNA emits frequency and can be changed by frequency.

Our tech clears the distortion frequency of the pathogen or injury from the DNA frequency by electronically canceling the pathogen's/injury's resonant frequency.  Frequency cancellation has been practiced since early AM radio days. When the resonant frequency of the pathogen is canceled, the mass of the pathogen or injury vanishes and the body returns, quickly, to its original healthy state (frequency) and healthy Instruction Set. Our signal can achieve this effect because our signal has a Quantum Time Reversed signal component (See Science page for definitions of Time Reversal).  This Time Reversed signal is able to electronically cancel the distortion frequency of the pathogen or injury from the DNA frequency because one of the Quantum frequency components of the DNA frequency just so happens as we have discovered, to also be a Time Reversed frequency signal.  So our Quantum TR signal communicates directly to the DNA through frequencies, the language of the DNA.  The end results, the DNA is returned back to its original (just before the sickness or injury) Instruction Set and healthy DNA frequency.  When you cancel the distortion to the DNA, it gets busy restoring the cells to the previously healthy Instruction Set. 

This approach has never existed on this planet before.  No one has ever come up with a working technology employing Time Reversal, mainly because we're the ones who invented it (22 yrs. ago) and patented it.  You can think of it as a means to Reverse the Timeline of the DNA's Instruction Set back to when the DNA was healthy (in tune).  We took this approach because it's the most natural and holistic approach to health we could think of.  You clear the DNA and it heals the body. That's what the DNA does.  There's no pharmaceuticals (which further distort the DNA frequency), surgery (which puts the body through physical trauma, which, again, further distorts the DNA frequency), salves or ointments needed. We have learned that using the correct frequency signal which communicates directly to the DNA frequency's Time Reversal component is the most effective and fastest method to heal the DNA and let it relieve physical conditions, naturally. 

Some people think the body is chemically based and that pharmaceuticals are the answer.  But, if you look at chemicals from a Quantum viewpoint, chemicals are made up of packets of energy with a resonant frequency.  The resonant frequency of chemicals are not capable of canceling out the distortion frequency of the pathogen/injury nor addressing the Time Reversed component of the DNA frequency, they can only further distort it.


"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clark


With our approach, over the last 22 years, we've witnessed what would be considered Magical or True Miracles. Miracles like: an advanced Alzheimer's patient regaining his memory and cognitive senses in an hour, along with correcting his balance issue and his deafness; a woman's breast fibroids, gone in one hour (the woman couldn't even feel them anymore); a man with a misshapen skull from a severe head trauma motorcycle accident, the skull was reformed back to its original symmetrical shape in one hour (we didn't think the skull could do that); a fractured elbow completely healed in 3 days; a man reporting his prostate gland shrunk within one week (PSA levels went from 25 to 0.24), and many, many more over the last 22 yrs.  You name it and we most likely have treated it successfully, 100% of the time. And, there have only been positive side effects (like other conditions going away without specifically treating them).

When You Correct The DNA Frequency, The DNA Can Then Repair The Body And Your Body Returns To Its' Optimum Healthy State, Naturally.


Remote Quantum Healing:

The Science of Remote/Distant Healing

We have further advanced The Tech to be able to heal people from a distance employing the Quantum principle of Entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement is the quantum principle of affecting a change on something from a long distance. It works like this: You take a Sample from a Host (like a biopsy) and you take it thousands of miles away. You affect a Change on the Sample and that Change is affected on the Host instantaneously. In Quantum Mechanics, there's no such thing as Distance or Time.

We invented a device which employs this quantum principle and we can now heal people anywhere on the planet, Remotely. We've been successfully testing this for about 3 years. The results are the same whether you use the Miracle Waters or you receive Remote Quantum Healing treatments.

Over those three years, we have healed pneumonia (overnight. His ox level plummeted to 80%. They were going to intubate him, which is known to result in death 90% of the time. and in the morning his ox level was at 99% and they didn't intubate him), prostate issues (again overnight), heart attacks (in progress heart attack), PTSD, many cancers, back pains and issues, bursitis, scoliosis (in 24 hours) broken jaw (in 2 days) and a vast array of different injuries.

For those wondering,"will this technology be able to change my DNA?" It is scientifically impossible for The Tech to alter your DNA. The Tech can only cancel the resonant frequency of the pathogen and thus, free your DNA to do its job and heal the body. Your DNA frequency is actually a composite of frequency signals of all the organs in your body all the major organs along with your skin, your hair, your fingernails, etc. It's a symphony of harmonious frequencies when healthy.). Rest easy, The Tech can only cancel one frequency at a time, not a composite of frequency signals, like your DNA.


Remote Session Testimonials

"My brother had a rough night. His hemoglobin and oxygen saturation levels went very low, 80%. They wanted to intubate him last night. Now he's much better. His saturation is in the 99% right now and he can breathe again."



"I have endured severe pain due to inflammation in my body caused by chronic fatigue syndrome for the last seven years. In a matter of hours Charles alleviated my pain and inflammation thus giving me back the active lifestyle I thought was gone forever."



"I am a yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for twenty five years.

I injured my shoulder ten years ago and learned to live with the pain. Charles removed the pain in my shoulder in less the seventy two hours. I am thrilled to say I am pain free!"



"Absolutely amazed!!!!!

Best money hands down I have ever spent on anything....ever! Energy treatment/healing isn't new to me. But this is nuts! I'm 60 and can't remember when I have not had CPTSD. It just mounted over the years; over 1/2 my life in a very toxic marriage. I'd gotten great results by (I thought) anyone's standards with Life Span Integration working on my PTSD. 6 years of weekly therapy and I was 50% better. I was thrilled with that. Until....I had one Remote Quantum Healing treatment from Charles. And...BOOM! gone!!! Where did my PTSD go??? I have tried to catch myself spiraling, but I'M NOT SPIRALING! Now, when I have something stressful happen, I catch it for what it is and process it. No more cranking over into full blown PTSD! It's crazy! Believe me. I have a lot to be stressed about! 3 open court cases, most of my family is dealing with chronic disabilities, serious health issues or completely left (checked out) from life due to stress. My energy levels and clarity of mind (to deal with normally emotionally challenging issues) feels like the sharpest it's been in years. No more panic or doomsday thinking. Solidly, got my joy back. Interesting that, though I am certainly experiencing stress, I am not turning it over to panic/anxiety (like I used to) making it easier to resolve. Also, feels like I have mental capacities of pre marriage (career) days. If lasting, this is crazy! ? Cautiously optimistic. I am a hopeful/cautious person, by nature. This seems to be quite powerful. I'm looking forward to the days ahead. They will be quite stressful...but perhaps not as much. I am still truly amazed at what I am experiencing. I get stunned by stuff, but it isn't taking over my mind/body."



"I’m writing to report the results of my first PTSD treatment on my sleep and mood which took place during the night hours. I just woke up at 7:45 I don’t use an alarm because I don’t usually sleep that soundly or that long! I can definitely tell a difference! I don’t see how that could even be explained as a placebo effect because it is different in many ways than my usual “good” sleep! I went to sleep easily, in 5 min instead of 30-90 min. I went to bed around 12 am. I stayed asleep well throughout the night. I woke up once instead of 4-7 times. I remember waking up once during the night and noticing how I felt light and relaxed instead of stressed and groggy. Normally I would take more supplements to go back to sleep and often be awake for a few hours during the night. I usually wake up at 6:45 but I slept until 7:45. That is very unusual! I went to sleep with a concerning feeling of lightness in my chest, like my heart was racing. I also had a small headache. The feeling in my chest was gone when I woke up! The headache was gone. Instead, I have a very unusual feeling of being “actually” rested and relaxed but alert. I don’t feel groggy or like I need coffee in the usual way. I don’t feel stimulated either, like excitement or coffee. I actually feel “peaceful”, content like a child, maybe like an oxytocin effect. This is different than what I would feel in my best moments of meditation. I am teary eyed as I think of the last time I felt like this, which takes me back in my memories. Normally I would not be able to access my emotions or feel things like that. It is as if a wall has been removed. Also the emotions themselves do not feel distressing. It is not changing my whole physiology to a higher cortisol state of stress or even grief. It seems like the way a child might feel if they fell down and had tears one moment over a skinned knee and then were happy and playing again in the next moment. It feels like it’s just a transient emotion but it doesn’t affect my whole person or state in the same scary way that it used to take over. I also can think more clearly. This is a higher quality of contemplative state than I usually would have on my best mornings with stretching, breath work and meditation, and I haven’t done any of that today. I feel as if I have the elusive calm focused “flow state” that I usually seek. I will see how my wakefulness and work day goes. It feels very different and much better! It would make sense that if PTSD has been removed as an obstacle it would feel like this. It would be a state that I haven’t had for over 15 years. And I’ve only been up for less than an hour! These are different results than what I would have on my best day of good sleep. It feels different. These are different effects than what I would experience if I was especially happy and excited. It is a good feeling but different than what I usually could hope to feel on my best day. It reminds me of how I might have felt years ago! That is not a result that can be explained away easily, even by a skeptic. This skeptic feels hopeful!"




"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clark


The data on the following pages on this web site will expose you to a new science. New technologies are always being invented. A new way to do this. A new way to do that. But, a new science doesn't come around often.

We're coming out, with this new advanced science for sane, natural health, because it's Time.



Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how water can be changed with thoughts, prayers and writing, basically our intention. See his video on youtube. As we know, some 70% of our bodies are comprised of water. But, can water be changed or imprinted with a specific frequency? And, can that frequency imprinted water be used to correct a particular unhealthy condition in our bodies?


Our new Miracle Waters uses purified water directly imprinted with an advancement of our original Quantum DNA Health Frequency technology, the Vital-Eze. You can read about our original DNA health technology on our other website, We invented a new way to imprint water directly with our quantum frequency signal, which is recognized by the DNA. We can now change the water in our bodies and thus change the DNA frequency signal, by giving it imprinted water through a unique new technique. This breakthrough allows people to heal health conditions, by drinking correctly imprinted water.

Our Miracle Waters come in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles. Each bottle contains water that was directly imprinted with a specific DNA frequency signal to address a specific condition. We have a Basic Maintenance Set which contains four 4 oz. bottles of different DNA frequency signals: One 4 oz. bottle for chemically detoxing the body (needed with today's food supply); One 4 oz. bottle for Liver detox (again, due to the food supply over time); One 4 oz. bottle for stress; And, one 4 oz. bottle for vitality and energy. Other bottles for different physical conditions are available upon request.



Our Remote Quantum Healing uses your quantum energy signature from a "selfie" of only your face (from your cellphone). That's the Sample we use to undistort the Host (your DNA) from a distance. Quantum Entanglement. Amazing science, indeed. All you need to do is text your selfie to us (520 789-5112) with a list of your conditions and a list of the pharmaceuticals you're taking (NOTE: pharmaceuticals have their own resonant frequency. When taken into the body that frequency distorts the resonant frequency of the pathogen (bacteria, virus, etc,) making it difficult to frequency cancel out the pathogen, which further distort your DNA frequency. So, don't take em).


Now you can have your own treatment at home and improve your physical well being just by drinking our Miracle Water or receiving a Remote Quantum Healing session.

Our tech delivers the same effectiveness with our Remote Quantum Healing and with our Miracle Waters as it does for in-person treatments.


As was stated earlier, this is medicine from the 23rd century.

We have been informed by two representatives from the United Nations, who came to "visit" us, that, as they told us, "This technology is at least 200 years ahead of anything on this planet. We know because we've checked them all out. That's one of our jobs at the U.N., to investigate advanced technologies around the planet."



The Future Technology Of Health Is Here Now.

There is a new option to health care.

Contact us if you want to provide Clinical Services or want to order your own specifically imprinted water.

If you want to help our Vets, Please donate for their own waters or Remote treatment.

Because the FDA is so suppressive towards any health technology which is not pharmaceutically based, we are obliged to issue the appropriate disclaimer for legal reasons.

Disclaimer: The Vital-Eze and our Imprinted Water is intended for entertainment and health research purposes only. No medical or health claims of any kind are being made or promised. The Vital-Eze nor our Imprinted Waters are not intended or approved for medical use, yet.

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